William Robison with Kansas City Investment Real Estate comes with more than a decade of investment real estate experience. A native of Kansas City, he represents clients from around the county and across the globe. The majority of

his clients represent investors that seek an investment property that provides them with more control and a better overall discount on ARV.

As a real estate professional, William Robison provides his clients with a suite of services aimed at the buy and hold investors. Most of their clients purchase properties with the intent to renovate and hold for rental. This is a hybrid buy-hold model where a property is purchase is distressed condition, renovated through a team of contractors, then held in property management.

First, the acquisition of properties is managed through Storybook Realty, a company founded by William in 2008 after several years with larger real estate brands, lastly RE/MAX. Through traditional and non-traditional channels, properties are sourced at discounts and contracted for clients.

Second, once acquired, William works with a team of contractors to renovate the property to the specifications recommended for best tenant finish, or as instructed by the client. These services are financially managed by his company, Plaid Management. Through this process, a high degree of transparency is established. This service is managed at a modest project management fee, ideally under retail.

Finally, the property is ready for tenancy. Prior to completion of the renovations, Plaid Property Management begins the pre-marketing of the property for prospective tenants. Once applications are received, reviewed and screened, the property is leased under a designated fee structure.

While experienced in investment real estate for more than a decade, Kansas City Investment Real Estate was established in 2013 due to a need in the market for a company that provides a solid foundation of services with transparency and service to the owner and the tenant. With approximately 100 doors under management, the company still has the ability to provide personalized service and grow.

William graduate with a business degree in finance, lived through the corporate world, and now lives in Kansas City with his wife and three teenagers. His spare time is spent fly fishing, taking in all the vast opportunities that Kansas City has to offer, camping with the family and currently, college visits for the kids. Shelley, his wife of eight years, also lends a hand in the real estate business when not selling as a travel agent.

William Robison, Broker Kansas City, MO

Contact:  (816) 804-1226

Email:  william@storybookrealty.net


Plaid Management uses a collection of professional contractors for services needed in renovation of properties, as well as maintenance support. By outsourcing these services, we are able to provide a competitive cost structure for our clients. The property management arm of Plaid Management offers very competitive rates.

As always, investors should use the full resources of a team of experts in reaching their real estate goals. This team should include a real estate broker, hopefully Storybook Realty can be your partner in Kansas City, but should also include a professional legal counselor and tax advisor. As we develop a working relationship with our clients, we share a wide array of other referrals in the way of contractors and property management services.


Storybook Realty is our professional real estate firm in

Kansas City. We specialize in working with out-of-state investors to meet their real estate investment goals through a model of transparency. Utilizing a set of UVP (Unique Value Propositions) you will find what sets us apart from the norm. With over ten years of real estate experience in some of the most volatile markets in history, much has been learned and experienced.

Kansas City Investment Real Estate is our marketing name. Under this umbrella, we offer real estate acquisition support through Storybook Realty. We also offer project management and property management services under the Plaid Management company.




4710 S Cedar Crest Court, Suite 400

Independence, MO 64055

Phone:   (816) 804-1226 


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